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Dreamed 1990/1/30 by Chris Wayan

A baby's skin secedes. It curls up to become a separate organism: a sort of snake. Weird. You expect snakes to shed their skins, and the cast-offs look a lot like living creatures... but for a baby to shed its skin and create a true LIVING snake...

Once the snake has formed a head of sorts, it opens its new mouth and starts to swallow the skinless, living baby! Should I intervene? It seems to be a spontaneous, natural process; but I'm uneasy about letting a human-brained baby be eaten by a snake. Still, I really don't understand what's happening here: this is no ordinary snake, and skinless babies aren't so common either!

The baby doesn't resist or seem in pain. So, though it makes my own skin crawl, I let the process continue, hoping this is the skin's way of reunifying the two parts into a new whole.

I better be right.

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