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Sky and Prester John

dreamed 2009/9/30 by Wayan.


I bike to Rainbow Grocery to use a discount coupon. Go on a shopping spree. Well, I fill my bike-basket. Dinky spree.

Then my friend Mike and I tear down three dead chimneys that'd shade my new solar panels. One turns out to be live, a vent for a basement waterheater, so we just shorten it; but we demolish most the other two. Work til sundown, but can't finish--we lack a ladder tall enough. Damn.

I watch The Colbert Report for the first time. He shows a video of the Pope with a spider on his neck. "What if he were bitten--we may get a Spiderpope! Webspinning PLUS infallibility, a one-two punch! Seeks out sin with... Popey Sense?"

Next, a documentary on showcat breeders, who say they love their cats but keep 'em in cages or locked in houses--what are they, stuffed toys?

Before bed: read Ariel Schrag's memoir Likewise, on growing up bi in Berkeley. Ariel guiltily wants both Sally (away at college) and her sister (here now). Resonated for me, since I spent last year loving both Em (east coast) and Cheryl (here).


Dream 1: Sky Dates my Neurotic Sister

Sky, a girl I like; dream sketch by Wayan I love my classmate Sky, but I've gone shy
ever since she told me that she's bi
and has been dating my sister. Rivalry!
And not a sister I have in day, not Miriel
nor Althea; they're fused to Mal. Lovely,
twenty-five, smart... neurotic as hell.

Convinced she's trouble, in endless therapy,
sure all love is doomed, Mal emails Sky
howling "Oh, I'm poison!", raising hoops
poor Sky jumps through. Or means to try.

Sky feels down. Feels jerked around. She
asks "What is this? Is Malea out to boss
me or what?" Opportunity knocks! I long
to diss my rival sis. But, decent, I confess:
"No, Mal thinks her soul's a blasted ruin
crying for a mighty restoration team. She
wants to ward off weaklings. Irony! Her fuss
just drives off the sane--like me, like you,
those she needs." As I blurt, I know it's true.

Feel so sad. But uneasy too. Am I better? Sky
shows me Malea's endless crazy texts.
Yow! I don't demand like this! Why
can't I ask Sky out? I'm less a flake
than Mal, and have lots of her attractions
(minus certain breasts and crazy actions)

but I never propose: "Date me--I'm sane!"
Put it off again. Shout it in my brain.
All my classmates leave. Sit alone and ache.
Coward! Will I ever speak up? And wake.

Mal the drama queen, a dream sketch by Wayan

Dream 1: Notes and Guesses

Dream 2: Hide from Prester John

I'm early for my next class. I have a key,
slip in. Our scholarfishbowl shines emptily.
Out in the cobbled yard, my classmates pool,
drop by drop. No, not friends. They loom,
tall men. Dark Riders, resurrected wraiths with
cold voices of the lost? Not far off. Gaunt ringed
Dark Age ghosts embodied, robed and crowned.
A creaky pope infallibles on the back steps; or are
there two? Zombie pontiff showdown, what a clash!
Side alley: a Panchen Lama gossips with
an incense-swingin' Coptic bishop. Whoa,
there's Prester John himself! So he's no myth.

But the holymen helplessly hover: no pope has a key.
I slip inside a closet so they won't see.
I won't let them in, won't face this material plane's
religious rulers til they demonstrate brains.

So far, the front steps seem free of their
godly infestation. (Do I feel scorn or fear?
Ah, both.) I'll seal the room and dash to open air.
Lock out the theocrats, then I'll flee--
run like hell and climb a living tree.
Dogma hooky, dogma hooky, sanity day for me.

Tall robed and mitred figures cast long shadows; watercolor of a dream by Wayan

Dream 2: Notes and Guesses
On my knees, I peer out of a dark closet; sketch of a dream by Wayan

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Dream 2: Hiding from Prester John school - religion and religious leaders - privacy and that closet again! -
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