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Sole Retrieval

Dreamed 2005/10/6 by Wayan

I visit a museum with my friends. But the guards make me check my shoes at the door! No one else has to. But mine have goofy blue and purple polka dots painted on. Clearly that makes them art. And we can't have art in the art museum.

When I leave, I ask at the check-in counter, but they deny having my shoes. Walk out barefoot, feeling conspired against. Oh, they were ratty old shoes, but they were MINE. For a minute I feel resigned to walking across town barefoot. But we're in a building boom--construction everywhere. Rubble, rebar, splintered wood, nails & screws. Even if I don't hit broken glass...

So I turn back to the desk and insist they look again, hard. No. At last I find them--not in the check-in pigeonholes, but their lost-and-found bin! Oh, thanks a lot, guys.

Put my ridiculous polka-dot shoes on with relief and leave, thinking to myself:

"Now THAT'S sole-retrieval!"

One bare foot, one shod--shoe has blue & purple warts. Construction in background. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


America characterizes dreams and inner work as an upper-class indulgence to be ignored when there's real work to be done. The truth is the reverse. When rebuilding your life, during heavy construction, dreamwork toughens & protects your, uh... sole.

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