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Dreamed 1998/6/9 by Chris Wayan

Wake slowly, on my back in bed. I feel strange. Am I a boy or a girl tonight? I poke around and find I'm male. But my penis feels strange. Then my hand brushes my belly and... no wonder I feel confused.

I have two.

One penis is rooted in the usual place, but the other is a migrant, loose, lying like a little lunar lander on my stomach, a bit north of my navel. (When I get confused, unconscious alliteration comforts me.) Though it's disconnected, I feel what it feels quite clearly, as if its nerves ARE linked--weird, since I feel the connected one, too. Double messages!

I poke at the loose one--is it truly just a sausage lying on me, no physical connection left?

None! An extra I grew for some reason, and budded off. Unneeded, and presumably doomed without a blood supply.

Uneasily, I throw it in the wastebasket. But I go on feeling the double sensations, wondering how that's even possible--it's not just hard to explain how the nerve impulses reach me, but, well... every organ has a fold in my brain reserved to process its sense data--where's the data from the spare go, what's free to process it? Its sensations are distinct from my original penis, so it's not being mapped on top of that area. Do I have an expansion slot, for spare organs? How the hell would a brain evolve THAT, and why?

I begin to feel uneasy about throwing the double away. Maybe I should reclaim it--but then what? Do what with it? Nowhere to reconnect it.

I wake again. This time I have...

Two free-floating penises--enough to turn you cross-eyed!

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