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The Stygian Sentinels

Dreamed 1970s by SAO (Shawn Allen O'Neal)

I came upon this site a few times, like an interdimensional roadblock between other incomplete dreams.

I communicated telepathically with the occupants of the tiny coffins bobbing along in the stream. Some contained more than one corpse, in various states of decay, some no more than a fractured pattern of bones entwined in their antique burial garments of tulle, satin, pearls and lace.

Painting of a dream image by SAO (Shawn Allen O'Neal): A bridge over a tiny creek. Guardians: a throned crocodile and a geisha with wasps for hair. Child-size coffins float down the creek.
Yet these ancient children also seemed to be made entirely of a gossamer light, like spirits trapped forever in the projection of these unfortunate forms. They seemed quite indifferent to both their own demise and imprisonment, giggling with each other in their plight like any given group of students might, and constantly coaching me in my predicament as they gradually passed on their way.

The children did not fear the Crocodile King, endlessly counting on his throne and forever losing his place, and spoke of him derisively as 'not quite right in the head,' but they were terrified of the all-seeing Geisha Queen, for more than her hornet-infested coiffure.

Though the stream was small and could easily be traversed in a step in most places, it was simply unthinkable to cross it except by using the singular tiny footbridge, a prospect fraught with dread because it involved nearly incomprehensible negotiations with this powerful odd couple, who seemed to never agree with one another.

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