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30K. Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979? by Chris Wayan

The Star: a clear goal to navigate toward. This is the card meaning core values and long-term plans and purposes.

You don't always have an exact navigation grid, or even have a good idea where you are, but at least you have a constantly reappearing reference point. A dream, if you like--and I don't mean just a fantasy of your future. Real, dreams, night-dreams, can be your star. For just like stars, they rise every night--you can take a new sighting and course-correct.

Hokule'a, "Star of Gladness" is the Polynesian name of Arcturus. It's a great navigation aid, since it's at the same latitude as some major island groups--steer toward it and it's hard to go wrong. Just look for the Big Dipper, follow its handle in a curve to the bright red star...

Peter Pan was right. It's not that hard. If you keep course-correcting.

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