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Tahoe Dragon

35K, 300 x 480, 1990; dream-based Tarot card by Chris Wayan

From a dream. Briefly:

I'm hiking near Lake Tahoe and find a ruined castle where a Chinese monk meditates. He attacks me with Tantric powers. I decide to rise above the conflict, so I levitate high above the lake.

But there's no getting away. He soars up to meet me--in dragon form. Burns a friend of mine like a warplane strafing, and threatens to burn more--unless I fight. I HAVE to.

So I wrestle with the dragon, midair, and it radiates...not rage, but... delight.

In the dream I knew the dragon was my own power, and if I won't exercise my abilities in any other way, I'll start hurting my friends with them. I can't just rise above my aggression, ambition, and wildness. If I won't exercise that side of me, someone's going to get burned.

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