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(The Ace or Archetype of Cups): 38K, 480 x 640, 1991. Digital, based on Tarot card, 3x5", by Chris Wayan

The Well of Feelings is guarded by the Black Unicorn: the shadow of all the feelings you deny. (It's not innocence that guards the heart.)

The damnedest things come from the pool of the heart; the waterlilies of compassion grow from such mysterious mud.

Cups of glowing passion, borne by our bodies, and robed in reason (or rationalization), enlighten the midnight mist... or should I say its full name? Mistrust.


I digitized my sketch with a borrowed videocamera, not a scanner, and painted on top of the blurry result. The pool, the odd light, the waterlily torch-bearers and the black unicorn are all borrowed from unrelated dreams.

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