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A Thousand Birds

Dreamed 2008/2/28 by Wayan

Disney draws the Legend of the Thou-
sand Birds. Each songbird pulls a thread,
unravels a woven... sleigh? But who
knits a sled?

Every thread starts to shine; frizz, spread
great billowing nets atrail the flock, a glow-
ing wireframe spectre: monstrous echo
of mortal sled-source. Awe
and dread.

The birds swoop, wheel around the lone
dark prong above the stark bed of snow:
owner of that raveled sleigh. They tow
the unridable apparition at him like
a trucktire of light onto exit-spike. No
ectoplasmic burst. The vast ghost flows
right through the man, up frozen
slope to fuse with flurried sky.
And fled.

Bundled black against the snow,
muscled body, bearded head:
Santa Claus's Jungian shadow!
And that's the movie's point, I know:

though (and admirably unlike
Walt's old preach) these cels just show
the Incorporeal slip through Flesh--
juncture sans puncture. Oh, find
your own moral, but here's foolish mine:

Thousand Birdpower beats a mere
engine of eight unreliable deer.

A bird-flock tows a ghostly glowing wireframe sleigh through a man. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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