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Dreamed 1989/6/12 by Chris Wayan

Around this iron world, hands have gone
rubbery, soft, and stretchable as
latex gloves full of water.
Idly, we curious apes
mold paws to idle, curious shapes.

Not just human hands, of course.
I meet some animal people, new-evolved--
furred, tailed, dark-eyed, wise. Forepaws
clever but stubby still. I advise
"Be sure to make

opposable thumbs--good hands are a great
advantage. Beware--who knows when
this era of thumb-fluidity will end?
Don't get stuck in a bad design."

Hmm. I wonder if that might apply
to any other recent changes. Mine?

Sketch of a dream: thumbs have gone soft and gooey.

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