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dreamed 2008/9/1 by Wayan.
Sketch of a dream: I hold a time-bubble freezing an antimatter bomb at the moment of detonation
Low rust-hills of a marshy world.
No people I can see. Like we
saw dolphins, Africans, women! The
people men don't see could fill a globe.
Earthlings build
cities to crawl across the bog.

I visit one offering me a job.

Stumble on a secret! Frosted deep in
the Civic Fridge I find a time-
bottle that wombs the moment when
a saboteur set off a Bomb.

Here, heft the egg of slow-glass:
head-size, under a pound. Within,
red diodes glare. The box is live,
self-Caesarian, cracked to bare
death-light! A trigger too compact
to be mere fusion: antimatter caught
frozen here in nanosecond one! What
if the timelock fails? For years
they've cradled latent doom.

"Why carry it? Can't you just
set it in the Barrens
and let the bomb

The Mayor, a solemn woman, says
"We don't know how big
that blast'd

And even if we detonated deep
in the Sandhills, miles
of local life'd

True. Concerned for people and town,
I overlooked (again) wild lives.
Just as pale and decent men
once ruled their
slaves. And

For all this world's unpeople
she bears the adder's egg.
Her town crawls on, gravid with
the cyst of fire and death.

Sketch of a dream: I hold a time-bubble freezing an antimatter bomb at the moment of detonation

My task has groan! I long to be
freed from chains of poetry
rash-oathed. Oh, I enjoy
being Terra's sleep-envoy
tramping the velvet void alone.
Hobo jobs on flickering stars,
collecting solitudes and scars,
illiterate to the bone.
Swore like a fool to write the dream
flood now bloated muddy brown,
jostling drowned cows, dead men.
Down the poems come!

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