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Time Warp

Dreamed around 2010/2/5 by "Erwre Qerwgeqwr"

OK, me and my friends were chilling in my house in midday--friends I've never met in person before. We were watching TV when a loud crash happened. It was a time warp hole. It started to suck half my house down. No one else outside the house could see it, cuz I went outside and it looked fine. Everyone inside the house just stopped, they were in a trance except for me.

So I went and stole a car, went to the police, tried to get help from them. No help had.

Next thing I know, I went back into my house and all but one person were gone. I got tired and fell asleep... and the dream starts over again, but with the knowledge that the time warp is going to happen! So I try to warn them.

The dream changed--the house looked and felt different than it is in reality.

That dream happened four times in one night.

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