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Unicorn, Red-Maned

1971 or 72, a very early nondream painting, by Chris Wayan

One of my first tries with paint. Part Tibetan (the clouds and icy peaks), part medieval (the flat green fields and woods), part San Francisco hippie poster (bell bottom fetlocks, and doesn't she just look like a hippie? That hairstyle, you know...), and part Navaho (lean equines and stylized swallows). I struggled, the paint's scratchy, but it reminds me how early I started looking outside Anglo culture--studying Navaho language and paintings, Tibetan tankas...

White unicorn with red mane and tail in profile in green fields with trees full of birds; Himalayan peaks on horizon.
...which this is, really. A religious icon as well as a pin-up. My goddess!

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