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War in the Ring

Dreamed May 2011 by Bruno Oliveira

I find myself in a metropolis, maybe a smaller city, on a small, tropical ringworld [a habitable, artificial ring around a sun] mostly covered by water. Skies are blue, and there are similar rings in the sky, and small moons, and a distant but huge sun. Tall white buildings and structures are all around me; they seem to arise from shallow waters. There are some trees too.

I'm with a few other people. There is a battle all us, judging by the explosions and beams in the air, though I can’t determine who’s fighting who, or if we are part of one side or another. Suddenly, a massive creature rises from the seas, creating a huge wave about half a mile high. Some of us suggest we stay and brace the impact, but in the end, fear speaks louder and we run. One of us is in a wheelchair, slowing us down, but we still just outrun the wave as it hits the buildings in our wake.

As we go through a crumbling bridge and enter one of the structures, I figure out a bit of what’s going on. Some kind of zombie disease is running wild; we found one of the infected, whose leprous green skin scares and turns off most of us. He dies soon after, as we're checking one of the walls and its most peculiar texture. We notice some red, massive bombs placed in the opposite walls and ceiling. Then I see a glimpse, beyond the crumbling wall, of a sort of monster escaping through a room of statues and giant chains, maybe made to hold the infected...


Besides that… whew, what a thrill!

--Bruno Oliveira

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