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The Well of Women's Wisdom

Dreamed 1991/3/25 by Chris Wayan

A well of wisdom, not water. It's a fountain bigger than a horse, shaped like a champagne glass. From the lip flows a slender wisdomfall. Wisdom is thicker than water; it clings to the outside of the wine-glass and trickles down the narrow stem to pool at its foot.

Dream: A huge stone wineglass pours a thin trickle of... wisdom.
What kind of wisdom? It's advice for women. For women only. But that's okay, I'm female tonight, so I can have some. I walk up the steps of the circular stone dais, and cup my hands, and drink. Ahhhh.

A younger woman walks up. She's come for wisdom too.But when she sees the narrow fall over the lip of the wine-glass, she her eyes grow as narrow as the stream. This is it? This is women's wisdom? Glaring at the stingy trickle, she clearly suspects the advice is narrow, the wisdom conventional.

I offer her a handful, but she turns away--disdaining wisdom. She fails to see that the flow is narrow, but the source is broad and deep. It's narrow only because it's sparing--and a slow thick flow is easier to divert, to direct... to focus.

If I could lift the great glass, and dump a ton of wisdom on her head, maybe she would understand this whole crazy world for one grand moment! But how much could she swallow, in that one gulp? Drowning in wisdom!

Wisdom is better on tap. Sipped--but sipped over and over, till you're full.

I offer a woman a drink from the fountain of wisdom, but she declines. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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