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1989. Undream digital painting by Chris Wayan

I often have dreams of legislatures or committees deadlocked on what to do. Other people's dreams seem full of dominant and repressed personalities--even buried personalities that only emerge in dreams. Mine are different--more equal. And they veto and sabotage each other if not consulted first via dreams. Only if all the creatures inside me achieve consensus will an action work out. And they rarely do all agree. Usually I'm deadlocked--paralyzed. But I've learned that's better than self-sabotage!

A conference of the dream creatures in my brain.

I'm a multiple personality. For years I denied it--victims of MPD (multiple personality disorder) usually have big memory gaps. I do have memory-continuity. More or less...

But then, what's forgetting your dreams but a memory-gap? Is everyone multiple, just better repressed? I mean, where were YOU last night? Forgetting where you go in your sleep seems sick to ME...

To all the animals on my committee.

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