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Dreamed 1981/4/21 by Chris Wayan

I dream my friend Kenny's been commissioned to do a stained glass window or a tapestry. But he can't think of a design, so he goes through my old pictures for inspiration. He finds a beautiful, sexy one I don't recall drawing: a white krelkin. Krelkins are dream beings I've met repeatedly: part deer, part grayhound, part horse, but with human intelligence (and then some).

dream image of a 'krelkin', a unicornlike being, blending into its environment
The design Kenny likes best is a white-pelted female krelkin on a red background, with a red mane and tail that whip zigzaggily across her body, the same color as the background, fragmenting her body into floating white shapes. It's like some Japanese banner--strong negative spaces.

I wake knowing I'll have to draw this, probably several versions.

dream image of a 'krelkin', a horse/grayhound sort of being, blending into her environment


As I sketch the dream, I start to see a message in it: it's a self-portrait of my soul. I may seem fragmented, missing my center, but that's not emptiness--it's my tail! My soul has a tail, a shamanic, animal side. My tail hides my core, even from me, but it's there. In fact, I'm quite unified! Just not very human...

And only so long as I deny my tail's existence will I think I'm fragmented.

a white krelkin with black tail and mane, on a red oval
Are some others with multiple personality disorder just breaking themselves up for camouflage, like those frogs with zigzag stripes... like me? I doubt if all victims are--my multiplicity is quite mild, as splitting goes. But still...

Must I camouflage myself? Ah. Maybe some spiritual hair-dye will change things.

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