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Dreamed 1991/1/17 by Chris Wayan

I dreamed it was 2020 and I still didn't know what to do with my life.

I met an old, old woman, who said:

sketch of a dream: face of a very old woman.

"I was a high-rise steelworker--about the first woman to break into the field. I never had a fear of heights, I was quite a good welder, and I liked the work, which paid very well.

sketch of a dream: a woman steering a mid-air girder

"But my co-workers and bosses never quite accepted me. That HURT.

"Oh, I was proud of our towers, but I had no fun. They never saw me as an equal.

"So I proved I was.

"And proved it.

"And proved it!

sketch of a dream: oval image of a skeletal steel tower

"It was my willpower, you see. It made me be strong. To show them, or maybe me.

"So now I'm old. I wish I'd quit, found work with people I loved. Or even liked!

"But I was too disciplined.

"I'm ninety years old, and all I've ever learned is:

"Watch out for your god-damn willpower."

sketch of yellow hardhat with spiderwebs on it.

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