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Wishing Ricochets

Dreamed 2017/7/18 by Wayan

I seem to be in Florida around 1960. The retro décor and social attitudes hide a surprising amount of tech. Maybe it's NASA's influence--we're near Cape Canaveral. Wait, have I been dropped into that movie Hidden Figures?

With a few friends, go into town for lunch. Grim place. Vigilantes armed like cops openly walk beats to "assist" the "overwhelmed" police force. Klan vigilantes...

...and our group includes both black and white.

A cafe/diner. Start to enter. The waitress, with a gleeful grin, drawls "You've committed a parking misdemeanor. I'm afraid,"--she's delighted, not afraid--"I'll have to call the police"--the vigilantes, of course--"and have y'all arrested."

I beg the universe. I can't change this whole society, but I just want us to have one cafe lunch uninterrupted... fine, I'll fight in the race war and kill Klansmen or whatever I have to do to change this place, later, but right now I just want to sit with my friends. I just... snap. Snap bad.

I say to her, with my full magical power, "You like to hurt people. I don't have the right to CHANGE you. But...




It works. She does.

The trouble is, she does. Looks around the diner, and the cafe section out on the sidewalk. Finds a lone black guy sitting at little round table with coffee and newspaper. And tells him gleefully "A misdemeanor just occurred here. And you're here. I'm gonna have to call the police." Meaning not the cops, but the vigilantes--the Klan. I used my magic and slapped her malice away from me--onto HIM. My wish ricocheted.

Using willpower's like smokin' in the ammo room. No wonder I'm so cautious. In a world full of spite.

I snap at a 1960s waitress who turns to harass a black customer. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


In the Sea of Hostility, don't make waves.

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