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Carla Young

Carla Young's trying an experiment--posting both a dream and a painting or drawing of that dream every day. Anyone who's ever tried to do either half of that can appreciate the scale of the challenge. When I posted an illustrated dream-poem daily (the Dreamverse Project) I only lasted a month before I had to cut back to one a week.

I only post dreams that may entertain others--funny, sexy, scary, scenic, weird. Carla's looking for meaning. As the name of her website hints, her interpretations are strongly Jungian. But I also suspect a subtle influence from our mutual friend Jenny Badger Sultan and her decades of dream-painting. She too dreams not for drama or amusement but for depth--and for the long haul.

Below are samples of Carla's dreams and art, ranging from epic to a single sentence.

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BARING THE BREAST: by Carla Young, 2010/2/27; dream painting and scene
I'm half-naked at an arty dinner party, talking to a man I really think I ought to recognize... who is he?
A BODICE RIPPER: by Carla Young, 2010/2/22; epic (and episodic) dream with 5 paintings
Awkward newlyweds. Not a love match! Can they co-operate to save a woman from the Nazis?...
THE MEDIEVAL POISONERS: by Carla Young, 2010/1/3; illustrated non-nightmare
Two medieval women poison one another. One dies in my arms; the other may just survive. Why did they...?
THE POWER OF MOONLIGHT: by Carla Young, 2010/1/2; painting of a dream image
I wish I could be as body-free as my neighbor Jenna, hiking nude under the full moon...
SPARK OF THE DIVINE: by Carla Young, 2010/2/2; painting of a brief oracular dream
A voice told me, "Human beings have a spark of the divine"...
WHAT ARE THE ISSUES?: by Carla Young, 2010/3/16; painting of a political dream pun
My friend's ignorant of our local Congressional race. I loathe Pombo
and like his rival McNerney, but can't pronounce his name right...
A WORK OF ART: by Carla Young, early 1970s; dream painting and story
I'm to be beheaded. Guards chant "It's important to enjoy what you're doing."
I know my spilled blood will create a work of art...

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