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Spark of the Divine

Dreamed 2010/2/2 by Carla Young

Abstract painting by Carla Young: white sparks light up drapery-like folds in red and gold. Inspired by a voice heard in a dream: 'Human beings have a spark of the divine.'


We are used to the idea that dreams are a part of ourselves, even when the characters and their actions appear alien. After all, our brains produce our dreams. It's harder to feel as if a dream comes from within when it seems to be giving us an "otherworldly" message like this very short one.


A voice says, "Human beings have a spark of the divine."


I am ready to look for my own inner spirituality.

       --Carla Young


Maybe that's all the dream means, and Jungian generalities are all there are in it... but I wonder what happened that day. Did Carla meet an utter jerk she felt had no spark of the divine whatsoever? Did she call herself an idiot or an art-failure and need a reminder? Did she make a choice based on the assumption we're purely material beings? Maybe the dream's out to challenge something quite specific. After all, does Carla need to look for her own inner spirituality? It's right there. She's got a dream-oracle ready to coach her.

       --Chris Wayan

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