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Halloween and Day of the Dead

A short list of dreams & visions linked somehow to that time when the veil gets thin between the living and the dead, causing strange parties, marketing, parades, and other uncanny stuff.

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AMAZON A(U)NTS: by Wayan; 1997/10/28, a nightmare.
I camp in the Amazon but in the morning find I slept on top of something disturbing...
BED VORTEX: by Wayan; 2002/10/24, an abstract Halloween portrait of the hypnogogic state
I sculpted a plaster abstract, then found it wasn't. A vortext of bedsheets, faces, hands, bodies...
BEET: Five Dreams One Night: by Wayan; 2013/10/30, Halloween dreams as minipoems
Parasites, Rambo, huge fetus-beets, an exhibitionist and a living statue advise me on my love life...
BOND: by Wayan; 1981/10/31, a nightmare where I'm the nightmare.
I'm James Bond. Captured and questioned, I lie to the enemy: the senators of the
Committee on Intelligence Activities. Till I see myself through their eyes...
LITTLE DEVILS: by Roswila, 2007/10/30; a dreamku
A dream haiku of little devils dancing the conga. What's it mean? Well, check the date...
MONSTER PROM: by Wayan;(Dec?) 1993. How parties look when you see auras.
If you sense auras, every singles event feels like a scene from Halloween Hell...
(THE MEANING OF) RINGS AND TURQUOISE: by Wayan; 1998/11/1, a dream on independence.
I'm in the park, feeling sad, till a girl on the lawn near me semaphores a message via rings and turquoise...
TO GET DOWN FROM OUR APARTMENT: by Jack Kerouac, ca. Halloween 1957, a telepathic nightmare?
My mom had to climb a ladder down the side of the Empire State Building; I'm told she fell and died...
WAITING FOR PIGFALL: by Wayan; 1979/10/31, a puzzling Halloween dream.
The messiah of a suicide cult prepares to ritually sacrifice me. Then a miracle occurs! But... whose?

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