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Bed Vortex

A sculpture of hypnogogia, 2002/10/24 by Wayan.

I was at a pre-Halloween party at the home of a mad-scientist type on the edge of Silicon Valley. More a Maker- or art-workshop than a party, it turned out. I found myself making a strange plaster abstract. Poured liquid plaster into a plastic bag, and hand-clenched it as the plaster set to create a feverish crinkling. Sleepless sheets.

Bed Vortex, a sculpture by Wayan. Bed Vortex, a sculpture by Wayan.

Stared at it in my lap as it cooled. The shapes resembled the rushing, crowded imagery of the hypnogogic state--the borderzone between waking & dreaming.

Bed Vortex, a sculpture by Wayan. Detail: hand. Bed Vortex, a sculpture by Wayan. Detail: face.

Once the plaster firmed enough to let me strip the bag off, I carved details--furtive faces, hands and bodies surfacing from chaos--momentarily. Only to slip back in. As we all eventually do.

And Happy Halloween to you, too.

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