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Dreams of Judaism and Jews. There's a reason the list below is so short--I don't really distinguish Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. To me, a California pagan, they're all clones: patriarchal faiths full of rigid rules, obsessed with past prophets, customs, and injustices. Like three bratty brothers all pointing at each other, telling mom "HE hit me FIRST!" So when I dream about the misery these religions have inflicted on us all, I usually meet Christian or Muslim bigots and fanatics. After all, there are so many more of them.

Most of my dreams of specifically about Judaism wrestle with the Israel/Palestine conflict. Indeed, the two seem so deeply bound together in my dreams, I'd better state my biases up front, so there are no nasty surprises. I disagree with nearly EVERYONE.

To me, Israel/Palestine looks like a single country suffering from apartheid. Israel's democratic only in the sense that apartheid South Africa was. One third of its residents are denied citizenship. They can't vote; their leaders are locked up, called criminals, even assassinated. When they fight back, they're called terrorists, while the casualties inflicted on them, three times as severe, are ignored. Basic services are casually cut off to punish whole communities for individual acts of resistance. They're offered fake little patchwork "homelands" that look just like Bantustans. Every element of this picture is straight out of apartheid.

But I see hope in this analogy! In South Africa, the "inevitable" race war evaporated once discrimination was ended. In Israel/Palestine, a one-state solution is viable, provided that state is a secular democracy aggressively committed to nondiscrimination--that means keeping religious nuts on both sides from making their bigotry public policy again.

Further, the two-state solution nearly ALL of you propose, with minor variations, will only work if both states are secular and forbid religious discrimination. Otherwise, each state will just put down its own minorities and promote subversion in its neighbor. Look at India and Pakistan! If we repeat that tragedy, this time it'll be with eyes wide open, with their horrible example staring us in the face. Partition heals nothing--only equality heals.

I repeat--equal rights, not statehood, is the real issue. And theocracy promotes inequality.

The next logical step is to organize a movement in the USA to cut off arms sales and military aid to the entire Mideast, and impose South Africa-like boycotts until basic human rights are respected--ALL over the region. Even if the policy fails, as it will at first, it has an advantage over the current one. It's clean! Understandable, consistent, moral. It's not even (and this is why a popular movement can change US policy) too costly, except to arms dealers. The current policy is the costly one! It caters to one right-wing bloc of American voters: Jews and Christians who see Israel in Biblical terms. The cost: billions of tax dollars, complicity in injustice, worldwide Islamic outrage, and consequently, worldwide terrorist attacks.

Just end it! Quit subsidizing the war, demand a solution that respects human rights, and make our trade policy enforce that demand. It worked in South Africa. It can work here.

Whew! Sorry. (Stretches, and breathes deep). So now that I've stated a position EVERYONE else rejects... let's look at some nightmares. Oops. I mean dreams.

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THE ARREST: by Georges Perec; July 1970, a dream of .... huh? Dream #16
I am arrested in Tunisia, essentially for being Jewish, despite my pro-Palestinian sympathies.
My main regret: I face years of dirty socks...
BLACK MAGIC: by Wayan; 1986/11/10, a dream of love and rage;
Chapter 8 of UNICORN TAG, though it can stand alone.
A packet of magic soupmix sends me upstairs to a secret wizards' lab.
They've summoned a demon they can't handle: the furious Black Unicorn...
THE BRUNDIBAR SEA: by Wayan; 2005/12/18, a mystical manifestation dream
Biking, I stray into the steamy Brundibar Sea. My bike dissolves!
But hot-tubbers explain the Sea manifests what you visualize. Yay! Uh-oh...
CLIMB FROM THE PIT: by Wayan, 1996/11/9, a dream parable.
I'm in the Mideast. No wonder it's a war zone--it's a vast pit BUILT for war!
But a spiral stair leads slowly out, to...
THE CONDEMNATION: by Georges Perec; Feb. 1972, a dream of cults, persecution, and timeslip. Dream #105
I'm on vacation, but cultists lick my feet--then turn on me, casting stones. But they miss.
So I wander the steppe for centuries, until I come to the City of Texas...
COYOTE SENT ME CASH!: by Wayan, 1982/10/11; a psychic dream, sung 2007 (MP3 + lyrics).
A true tale proving the Trickster God really will provide. We're lilies of the field!
THE DENUNCIATION: by Georges Perec; August 1972, a dream of war-trauma finally healing? Dream #124
1941. My dad and I are denounced to the SS. We're put in with monsters; I'm a snake or fish myself.
But the Nazis become a photo album, I go to a memorial, I cry, it's 1947, peace...
DINO YARMULKE: by Wayan; 2015/10/13; an odd little dream and portrait
I carelessly burst in on a friend, a gay dinosaur, during a Jewish holiday rite,
startling him so he raises his spiny crest, levitating his yarmulke...
HEBREW RADIO RITE: by Wayan; 1997/10/12, a cynical mystical dream.
An ancient rite has headgear that today picks up radio stations. What'd it pick up in ancient times?
JACOB'S LADDER: by Jacob, grandson of Abraham; c. 2050 BCE; a self-fulfilling prophetic dream.
Jacob dreams of angels climbing to heaven. He meets God, who promises the Holy Land to him and his tribe. Jacob uncritically accepts...
JOSEPHUS, LET GO: by Josephus Flavius; c.65 AD, vague predictive dreams
Resistance fighter Josephus, cornered, took a hard look at his prophetic dreams and decided to make peace...
MATILDA, or, HITLER'S GIRLFRIEND MULTIPLIES: by Wayan; 1998/10/1, a dream of math and courage.
I'm Hitler's girlfriend. Not Eva Braun, just me--gentle, weak, thrown in among killers. What can I do?
NEBUCHADNEZZAR'S TREE: by King Nebuchadnezzar II; c. 583 BC, a predictive dream
Nebuchadnezzar dreams a voice from heaven commands a great tree be cut;
Daniel interprets this as a prediction the king will go mad for 7 years...
SERAFINA AND RAM DASS: by Wayan; a 2000/11/6 dream anticipating an 11/9 experience with auras
A Finnish shaman/witch gives me a lesson in night flying; in the waking world
I meet Ram Dass and sense him speak astrally before his body can get the words out...
SHARONNE: by Paul Friedrich, pre-1983, a political dream (despite Freud and Jung)
I was in a gang, but I quit. They stoned me--and the green heron, the green color I called "Sharonne".
The setting (Israel), the green (Islam), and the name (Ariel Sharon?) all hint the dream's political...
TWO BISHOP APPLICANTS: by Wayan; 1984/11/21, a surreal but mercilessly logical dream.
My mind and my soul both apply for a job in Stanford Cathedral. Their rivalry grows to a shamanic duel...
THE VENDOR: by Georges Perec; July 1971, a nightmare of societal amorality. Dream #77
I murder my wife. I try to sell her body as meat to a firm that'll turn her into wine.
But the transubstantiation has already happened, and the paperwork's undone...

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