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Kids, This Really Happened

Dreamed 1982/10/11 by Chris Wayan

"Coyote Sent Me Cash!" performed by Chris Wayan and The Krelkins, 2007
Won't play? Plain MP3; song length 3:15, 3.06 MB, 44khz)

The evening of my dream, I read a poem:
Mending Wall, by Robert Frost. It opens:
"Something there is who doesn't love a wall."
Frost wasn't sure exactly who--
Equality? Entropy? Ents?
But pile up stones and down they fall.
Someone there is who doesn't love a wall.

Just as I went to bed, I read that Ed-
gar Cayce once bought a house flat broke!
Our nonprofit prophet had a mad trance-urge.
The hour he had to pay, the house-sum came,
in the mail... from nowhere!
Well, I shut that book and screamed
"But we can't live like birds!"

I visit a commune in my dream:
They're Buddhist Unitarian Hassidim.
In the Holy Room they bid me kneel:
"Say Hail Mary Reggae Kyo for your soul!"
their Patriarch booms, and shuts the door,
And I'm alone and squirm before
Menorah cross and lotus all!
A shaman too dumb for ritual,
I yell up, "Sorry, God. Hello?"
I never could manage pious--
my cloth was cut on a Coyote bias.

I wake to find a thousand bucks
added to my account... from nowhere!
I ask and ask, but the bankers swear
they're right--I'm just an innumerate fool.

One generous joke of a dream!
Saying what they never dared in school:
That Robert Frost got one word wrong--
Someone there is who doesn't love a rule.

This really happened.
I have the thousand dollars.

Dream image: a coyote looks up at an altar with lit candles and murmurs 'Sorry, God. Hello?'


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