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Dreams of sphinxes, winged or not, fierce or not, riddling or not. (Despite their reputation, I've met sweet-tempered sphinxes who enjoy giving answers for free...)

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ANNUNCIATION TO THE SPHINX: by Wayan; 1995, digital painting of nondream vision.
I think Yeats was wrong to use the Sphinx to symbolize the brutal post-Christian era he foresaw...
BAR BET: by Wayan; 1982/4/30, a dream-quest on not settling for less.
On a bar bet, we seek God. We reach the Isles of the Blessed, but they're complacent. We want the wild
God, the real God, the Bad Taste God. Onward, pagan questers! Because we want to win our bet.
CLAYMATES: by Wayan, 1968-70, three mythological claymation figures.
In my teens, I knew I wasn’t human. So I sculpted and animated and fell in love with and worshiped furry figurines...
DANCE OF THE ENIGMAS: by Brian Harp; 2000, a dream of a sphinx-riddle
She asked "What, plus a teaspoon of knowledge and
a teaspoon of wisdom, makes three teaspoons of nothing?"
DREAMTALES: by Wayan; 1996-2006, a 250-page collection of dream comics
"I've always dreamed other lives. Other bodies. Other times. Other worlds. I draw my lives..."
GIRDERS AND DUST: by Wayan; 1983/10/23; a dream touring the ruins of childhood.
I dreamed I returned to a childhood park and found mostly ruin. But one magical thing survived...
LEBBIRD ECSTATIC: by Wayan; 2006/8/20, not-quite-dream sculpture; 7 pics
A sensual moon-worshiping flying feline who’d inevitably evolve in certain Pegasian solar systems...
LION EYES: by Patagia; 2007/11/??, a serious dream-prank.
Lions trap me in an African cave with only coffee, paper and pens! Is this what it takes to get me to write?
LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN: by Edwin Muir; 1920, an epic hypnogogic shamanic initiation
Creatures in the primal sea touch my third eye, dragons cry their eyes out, I fight the Sphinx, and arrive at last in...
LYR: by Wayan; 7MB, 2005, 80 pages w/200+ drawings and maps; a virtual planet
A vast sea-world with 7 times Earth's mass, whose isles are home to at least 19 intelligent species...
OCARINA, or, MILLION-YEAR SENTENCE: by Wayan; 1972/5/27, a lucid / predictive dream.
I go lucid and drive my bed to the Nevada desert where I see my next million years. And so far, it’s been true...
PRISONS AND STRIPES: by Emily Joy; 2007/10/4, a lucid dream.
In a museum full of spacetime-bubbles holding lost souls, the museum-goers are as weird as the exhibits...
REBEL OWL: by Wayan; 1971/10/9, a dream so mysterious it mystified its inhabitants
My city's invaded and occupied. I become a gigantic Owl and fight with impossible stamina.
But in the end I'm dead, stuffed, on a museum wall. Can I let go NOW?
REFLECTIONS IN THE POOL: by Wayan; 184K total, 2 panoramas; a 1994/7/2 dream.
Night. A mirror-maze of contradictory preachings. But in the secret mermaid pool, I find love.
Then... sphinx-angels war in the air! A war of riddles. Can I, a batwinged devil, make peace?
SHY SPHINX: by Wayan; 2009/11/27, a dream of indirect advice
I find a shy sphinx hiding in the corner of a painting in a dull art class. But maybe she's right to hide...
THE SPHINX APPROVES: by Wayan; 1991/5/2, a dreamtale on growth.
A great war shrinks to wrestling, then hopping from page to page! Once they were worlds to me, but now...
A SPHINX IN CLAY: by Wayan; 2017/2/25, a dream urging me to face my heritage. Also sculpt!
I'm a half-sphinx--human dad, sphinx mom--stuck in human form so far.
Will I ever learn to shift? I practice--sculpt my elegant feline future self...
SPHINX IN HEAT: by Wayan; 2006/8/20, terracotta dream-statue
Trying to sculpt a dream-figure who's acting blatantly sexual
teaches me it's as hard to show lust as supposedly subtler feelings...
SPHINX IN REPOSE (BLACK SPHINX): by Wayan; 1983; portrait of a dream-friend.
A sphinx with equine traits; probably a precursor of the Krelkin, a sphinxlike alien who befriended me later...
SPHINX POINTING THE WAY: by Wayan; dreamed 1994/7/19; a digital portrait.
Tehura was a beautiful sphinx exploring our human world; she led me to a new way of seeing us...
A SPHINX'S SKETCHBOOK: by Wayan; dreamed 1994/7/2 & 7/19; a 23-page dream-comic
I find the sketch-journal of a beautiful winged sphinx who left her mythic isle
to explore a great city of crazy bipeds, called San Francisco...
SPHINX'S WOOD: by Wayan; 1981/11/19, a dream of puns, riddles and advice
After my dad lets me down I dream black may be white, and white, black--if you're a Sphinx...
SPHINX UP A TREE 1 (BROWN): by Wayan; ink sketch 1983/2/26, digital tweaks 2001.
A preteen sphinx pleased with herself and her treebranch world...
SPHINX UP A TREE 2 (BLUE): by Wayan; ink sketch 1983/2/26, digital tweaks 2001.
A moody teenage sphinx treed by the hounds of her own disdain...
SPHINX UP A TREE 3: by Wayan; pencil/digital portrait 2005; last of a series.
That moody teen sphinx has grown up at last, and relaxed again...
SPRINTERS AND SPHINX: by Wayan; 2009/11/13, a dream poem.
Divers made of ice win the Traffic-Leaping Olympics. But
I think they cheated! I seek my friend the Sphinx...
TALKED OUT OF MY SPHINX: by Wayan; 2014/2/15, a short dream in FOAM FURS
TAROT: THE SPHINX (the High Priestess): by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1978.
The card of intuition, dreams--and asking. She knows all the secrets. And might just tell you, if...
TAROT: THE SULKY: by Wayan; Tarot card of a dream, 1979/4/17.
This grumpy little greenish Scotsman rode a 'sulky', a one-man buggy, pulled by
a playful black mare. I worried her clowning was a safety valve leaving her unfree...
TEHURA TRIES COMICS: by Wayan; 1994/7/19. pencil, Xerox, erasable crayon.
I dreamed a sphinx artist visited humanity and drew the crazy natives. I copied her sketchbook...
TRESPASSERS IN MALANCHAI: by Hyal; Feb 1996, an epic dream with an apparently psychic intrusion.
A maneless lion-boy wins his people’s respect. While training, he sees weird trespassers
who seem to be from someone else's dream... and ten years later, he finds that dreamer.

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