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Dreamed 1983/1/29 by Chris Wayan

I'm a hobbit in Silicon Valley. One night, my tall human friend Aragorn and I drive up to a green wooden building on the west side of El Camino. It's a lair of the Enemy, but probably empty this late at night. Aragorn says "Let's break in and get the Evidence." I ignore the ethics of breaking and entering, and follow him. Scared, though. Aragorn picks the lock easily, and looks around. Then a sports car parks outside. Slow heavy bootsteps up to the door. A Nazgul! We hide behind a table.

A feeling comes over me.... that Aragorn has a mass of chicken liver over his own liver, weighing it down. I get out my knife and cut away, to remove it! A strange faint sound from Aragorn.

Suddenly I faint.

In the morning I find myself... where? A Nazgul is looking into my eyes! It says "You have done well... we'll use you and your kind more often." It walks off.

I'm uneasy. Where's Aragorn? What happened? Slowly piece it together. The Nazgul clouded my mind till I stuck my knife into Aragorn's own liver. I've probably murdered him. But I don't go look to see... I don't want to know.


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