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Dreamed and painted 2014 by Elizabeth Gibbons

'Arrival', a painting of a dream encounter with an angel, by Elizabeth Gibbons.


I find myself upon an ancient isle inhabited only by women. I am a high priestess and I call a barge to the shores of the isle by sounding the calls of birds.

As l glide across the water through dense mists, l am aware that l am being called on a sacred quest. I am to bring back the dreams of the world to share with the other women on the isle.

As the mists clear, l arrive on the "shore of becoming" where l am met by an angel. She communicates with me by the touch of her hand upon mine and I sense and feel her thoughts coming in through me.

As the dreams of the world settle into my consciousness I am filled with a deep and profound peace and knowing of the connection between all beings.


The painting is 18"x 18", I used variegated gold leaf, fluid acrylics and oil paint.

--Elizabeth Gibbons


I'm a sucker for this dream, of course--Elizabeth's job, sanctioned by an angel, is to collect all the dreams in the world. How could the editor of the World Dream Bank resist? Though the Dreambank's quest is a bit more limited--not to catch and share every dream, just peak experiences like this one.

-Chris Wayan

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