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Bad Dream Book

Dreamed by Jim Shaw, late 1994?

I was at Amok [Gallery] showing Mike Glass a book I'd made of the dream drawings, but they weren't full drawings, just details of the most lurid & embarrassing dreams & the text describing in rambling run-ons between dreams.

Then I'm in a store with Dennis Cooper & a friend of his says 'if only everyone had enough guns, the world would be a better place' & I pointed one of my six rifles at him & said "What? Are you crazy?"

Then I was going down a cement trough of a stairway in an airport trying to figure out how to get my rifles or pornographic drawings through airport security. I'd given up on the ten million stolen dollars Dennis Anderson or Art B. wanted me to bring back...

Show a friend my book of dream-art, but it's crap. I'm no good at smuggling guns, porn or cash, either. Dream sketch by Jim Shaw. Click to enlarge.

SOURCE: Jim Shaw's Dreams, Jan. 1995, Smart Art Press. Dreamed 1987-95, probably late 1994.


Funny to see his dreams negatively reviewing his own dream-journal!

Why the second half in the airport? Makes sense to me; Americans fear dreams just as they fear those foreigners smuggling awful stuff in. Since we locals are all such saints.

--Chris Wayan

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