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Banana Moon

1998, acrylic on wood, 36x 48" tall, by Chris Wayan.

San Francisco City College, where I paint, has a diverse student body. Okay, not THIS diverse, I exaggerated a bit. The artists here all see themselves in the model of course--artists in my experience always do. It's amazing how much pictures look like their painters, not their subjects!

a life-drawing class; the model points at a banana on a string: a low-budget moon. The students, an upright cat, a green dinosaur, a sprawling wolf, a tall red bird, and a huge gauzy moth, paint versions of themselves in her pose. Click to see large shot of the painting in studio.
Why the banana moon? Art departments in American colleges are usually broke. Tax dollars all go to technology and business, the proper American pursuits. So, studio props are cheap or improvised. Poverty breeds ingenuity! For a crescent moon, a banana on a rope.
A cat-girl paints the human model as a striped cat dancing in moonlight. Click to enlarge.
Besides, the model appears largely human--and anthropoids are famous for craving bananas, using tools to reach for them.
Close-up of the model, the red bird-student, and the centaur girl gawking--just passing by. Sorry, no enlargement yet.
And for the moon.

The finished painting 'Banana Moon' in the studio. Click to enlarge.

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