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The Bear's Rip

Dreamed late 1990 or early 1991? by Xanthe

I dreamt we were just moving into new working quarters; a multi-roomed Victorian house. But after renovation, this one seemed to be made of metal, with gunnite sprayed on the walls.

I asked Tia, our supervisor, for a room of my own, explaining "I'm an insomniac; I don't want to keep all of you awake with my light late at night." She assigned me a room with a window.

As I explored the room's nooks, the wall just outside the room cracked open and in walked a black bear!

A bear rips through the wall of a room. Dream sketch by Xanthe, colored by Wayan.
I said to myself "Let's see what happens if I accept this bear as a reality, not an hallucination."

So I stepped through the jagged wall-flap opened by the bear, and suddenly I was in another space! Wild flashing lights in shifting abstract forms like an animated, three-dimensional Kandinsky painting accompanied by the crackling sounds of electrical arcs.

A surreal space full of bright colors like a Kandinsky painting. Dream sketch by Xanthe, colored by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
I found myself going a bit cross-eyed and unable to control my vision, but it began to gradually calm down on its own...

It stabilized into a peaceful scene: an intensely, richly yellow house appeared, standing in a park. Next to it, a lovely tree with leaves and flowers as yellow as the house.

A bright yellow house and a tree with equally bright flowers & leaves. Dream sketch by Xanthe, colored by Wayan.

I thought that my "vision" might have passed but left me with a heightened awareness of the "real" world, but I wasn't sure. Perhaps it wasn't my eyes; the color of the house and tree might be that extraordinary yellow, unlikely though it seemed.

To test it, I went walking through the park where the house stood, asking people I met what they saw. It was true: I saw differently. The intense color I saw did not appear to them; they saw an ordinary, dull yellowish house and tree.

sketch of a dream: a dull yellow house and a tree with equally dull yellowish leaves. Dream sketch by Xanthe, colored by Wayan.

The bear's rip into another world really had changed my vision. --Xanthe


--Chris Wayan

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