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Dreamed 1980/12/30 by Chris Wayan

I'm lying in bed alone. Wish I weren't. Start picturing my sister's friend Daphne lying beside me. She's slender, long-faced, smart, bisexual, and... here. At first she's smoky and faint, light as foam to the touch, but she steadily materializes next to me. I kiss her all over, nibbling her nipples with delight. The tastiest ghost I ever met. Daphne purrs and kisses me in ticklish spots, so I start licking her clit. She squirms around till she can suck and lick me too. For a long time, we rock and wrestle in pleasure.

Daphne begs me "Put some fingers in!" She's still rather dry, so I lick them first and slip them in and start spreading them. When I rub her hard, she bucks and sort of mews and gnaws the head of my cock. So I stretch her labia a lot, get a bit rough. Not trying to hurt, but stretch. Almost Rolfing, not petting!

And then, as I'm about to spurt into her mouth, she murmurs "Ow, too much. Overstimulated."

And she fades out and is gone!

Lost the signal.

"Damn," I think. "Gotta beware of overstimulation."

And wake, with a full, throbbing penis.

And a full, throbbing brain.


Because Daphne's me. If I'm overstimulated, I'll fade out.

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