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Dreamed 1945/1/20 by Billie's mom, as reported to the Rhine Institute.

Just as truth can be conveyed by fiction as well as by factual description, many ESP messages are expressed through unrealism rather than realism.

"In January, 1945," writes a woman from San Francisco, "I dreamed that my young son, an only child, who was overseas in combat duty in the South and Southwest Pacific theatre, came to me while I was busy in the kitchen and handed me his uniform which was sodden, soaking, and dripping wet. He had a most distressed expression on his young face, and, feeling disturbed and confused, but saying nothing, I mechanically began to wring the water from the uniform, the navy-blue dye clouding the water in the process and increasing the disturbed and confused, bewildered feeling.

"Billie, standing next to me, took the uniform from my hands and dropping it into the laundry tub, turned me around and took me in his arms, saying, 'Isn't this terrible! Oh, Mom--it's all so terrible!' "Although he had never given me any cause for concern when it came to getting into any mischief of any major degree in the 'growing-up' process of his nineteen years, I thought--in the dream--that he might have gotten into some sort of difficulty that he thought would therefore be distressing to me for he said, 'This is the one thing, Mother, that I had so hoped you would never have to hear!' So I said to him, as I had at times when he was growing up, 'Billie, dear, remember? There is nothing so terrible that we can't sit down together and talk it out.'

"We went into the living room and when I sat down in the chair he sat down in my lap, put his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder--sobbing--but quietly. I held him in my arms and suddenly he was a little infant again and I was rocking him as I had in his babyhood! As his sobbing ceased, I awakened abruptly, but the dream remained with me most vividly.

"That was on a Monday night. The following Sunday afternoon a chaplain from the Thirteenth Naval Base in Long Beach, California (I was living in southern California at that time) came to me with the message that something had happened to Bill's ship, the USS S---, a long list of those missing--and his name was among them. It was later established that all those listed as missing--two hundred fifty--were killed, having been blown into shattered unidentifiable bits at the time the ship, laden with tons of ammunition, depth charges and bombs, was torpedoed by the enemy at Lunga Beach, Guadalcanal, on that very night of January twentieth when I had dreamed so vividly of Billie in the dream here recorded."

Did that dream tell the truth? Scarcely a detail was real, from the first scene of wringing out the sodden, fading uniform to the boy's transformation in his mother's arms to the infant he used to be. Yet the dream in its deeper meaning was quite true.

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 49-50. Account untitled, name witheld; I added 'Billie' & 'Billie's Mom' to aid indexing only.

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