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Dreamed 2000/1/25 by Chris Wayan

I'm working for an archeological team digging up a site on a futuristic campus. We make a big find--but some of the locals aren't too happy. They call it sacrilege!

The extremists organize a protest--but their speakers whip people into a mob. They chase us across campus, firing energy weapons in the air! Haven't aimed directly at us, not yet, but I'm scared. Sketch of mob chasing me, a winged being, around the outside of a stadium. Because it's convex, I can dive behind the bulge.

I can almost pass for human on the ground, but I'm not--I'm an offworld species that can fly. Still, I don't want to risk unfolding my wings and soaring out of here--the rioters may see "flying figure" as "target", where "running figure" remains "person." So for now, I flee with my friends on foot.

Can I think of a way to use my gift to lure the rioters away from my earthbound friends?

The ideal thing would be a round or oval track or stadium--then I could fly up and draw the mob's fire, yet zip behind the curved convex wall, diving in and out of cover. A round structure means you don't have to reach a corner for shelter--as long as you have some lead over your hunters, there's always a bight, a bulge to hide behind. But so far, no stadium in sight. Does the future lack sports?

Or I could fight back. I have a weapon myself--local-built, high-tech, but not an energy gun. A sort of large bullet-shape with a black button on the conical end. For safety reasons it's too stiff to manually trigger--normally you stomp it. Can't do that in the air, so I guess the only way is to bite it, hard.

Though exactly what it does then, I'm not sure.

So unless and until things get truly desperate, I better not... bite the bullet.
Sketch of long-haired winged person in flight, gripping a dark canister between teeth, looking alarmed


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