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Bull Feeds the Kitten

Dreamed 2018/5/23 by Wayan
For Jill Viles


In Best of Science 2017, I read a startling piece--"DIY Scientist" by David Epstein, on Jill Viles, a patient who didn't just self-diagnose her rare genetic disorder, but went on to diagnose (and lengthen the life of) her dad, and then an athlete, Priscilla Lopes-Shliep, who Viles deduced had a variant of the disorder that looked quite different. Though she met with a lot of dismissal at first, her tale encourages me--also self-diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and treating it without medical coverage. If Jill can...


Born feral,
the talking kitten warily
skitters in my yard. But Cleo likes me
and I her. So I try to nourish her. Hard,
for she denies her cathood! And thus
can't possibly eat catfood.
I must

her wary heart, entice her with
catfood I swear ain't. "Hey, Cleo, try
Wolf-N-Puma Brand! Wild ass, lots of bull,
king salmon--beasts slain only by the great
hunters. No tame puss could ever slay

Really they're mere
kibble, pretzels braided to balloon
effigies of moose and deer. But they're
protein-rich and low-carb... feline ideal!
But only if Cleo buys my sneaky spiel,
spun to save her. Sly psych alone
will nourish that dear
pointed ear.

So am I
feral as Cleo, hot to deny
my obvious species? I do testify
I'm inhuman--a common trope among
us autistics. But social anorexia? Must
I turn up kit-nose at mediocrity, yowl
for tiger's due? Is that integrity
Or just kit-fuss?

Black, blue-eyed kitten denies being a cat. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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