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Clay and Hop

dreamed 2009/10/30 by Wayan.

I'm reading the Tarot
for a woman I know--
one of Alder's pudgy Wiccan friends.

Pebbles gleam wet in an altar-bowl
where the soul she molded stands:
blocky as pueblos, her dollsoul.

Water nurses clay: the effigy's damp
base is split: pull her legs unstuck!
Only then can you touch
her mummified organ, hid
among the understones.

Her clit? Her shriveled heart? No,
her cancered breast,
cut years ago.

Alder handled it, but as I touch,
the molder flinches. She mistrusts
all men. Oops! Too late now. I blurt

"Don't worry over strange men
you let open your legs. Your
soul is ageless clay from Earth's
birth. Damp, you can remold
forever! New dolls; old soul."

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a blocky clay figurine of a woman with one breast stands on an island of pebbles in a bowl of water.
No. Cold comfort for a witch.
She wants warm. She wants flesh.

So, a happy hopping Foole,
round her room I sing:

"I played God, I touched your soul.
Play and hop, clay and hop.
At least I know to play!

A playful, goofy God--
now ain't I nicer than
that wrathful, jealous God?

Don't panic! Happy gods like me
are harmless, harmless. Well,
mostly harmless."

Bouncy clown, but I'm unsure
my foolgod fully solaces her.
Especially the hop. No scripture
goes for hopping gods, except
the Alice cult of Roo (she Springs!)
and those Orinocan rainfolk
Godding that frog. Oh well,
you can't soothe every witch.

But in my mostly harmless heart
still beats hop

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a goofy-looking man with a halo, hopping


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