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Consciousness of an Ant

Dreamed 1920s? by Walter de la Mare

...I found myself reading the first pages of a dingy and dumpy little book, a visionary book, murkily printed, and bound in what appeared to be shagreen [rough-grained leather], black shagreen. All that I can recall of its contents is a series of diagrams which appeared on pages 1 and 2. Against the first of these, a blank circle, was printed the word "Reality." Against the next, a blackened circle, was the word "Unconsciousness." The next circle showed a minute segment of white cut out of its black. This was labelled "The Consciousness of an Ant." The next, minus a rather larger segment, "The Consciousness of Man."

From this I deduced, whether in the dream or on awakening I cannot say--that when, owing to the progress of the Superman, we arrive at Nirvana, all the black will have become white; that Reality and Consciousness will be coincident. "I Am That I Am." The Infinite is All in All.

This little revelation, as I say, was the subject matter of the first two pages of my dream book. What, I wonder, were its last pages concerned with; and in what celestial library does it now repose?

--Walter de la Mare

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