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24K, 430 x 550, sculpture ca. 9" tall, 1996 by Chris Wayan

I saw a photo of a 1920s Surrealist installation where body parts oozed out of a room's walls, chairs, beds, as if bodies in some other space were intersecting with ours. I tried it in this unfired clay piece and hung it in a corner. I find it disorienting and rather disturbing. I plan to try more: hands groping from a wall, a spine just breaking the surface, or a single breast, an elbow or knee, partial faces at odd angles...

a plaster torso emerges from a room-corner

By the way, speaking of odd angles... has anyone else noticed how art-masks, even if they're really meant to hang on the wall, are still always full-face like masks meant for wearing? They're never profiles, or at an 3/4 angle, or from the back, top, underneath... Why not?

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