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Dreamed 1971/12/4 by Chris Wayan

An egg-shaped face alternates between two expressions, two moods: Fear and Fire.

It's the Cosmic Egg.

The Egg is in a vast rounded-cubic hall, with walls of silver-gray energy, near a God or high spirit. In the hall are persons pertaining to the Egg. First: a Lady in an ovoid energy field who has seen the egg before. Did she lay it? I don't think she was the moon goddess, but she's still called Luna. Second: a gray birdlike creature made of energy. Third: one true bird flying. Fourth: a purple coruscation in the air. The fifth is me! I know them all.

The egg hatches, and I come out! The egg was me. The others tell me each of their relationships to me. (This felt vitally important--regretted for years that I couldn't recall what they told me).

The gray Energy Bird begins to chase the True Bird, and Luna follows both. The True Bird somehow flies through a wall that no material being should be able to penetrate. The Energy Bird follows easily of course, then Luna...

I, who now realize I'm the true True Bird, am given the grace to be the Energy Bird every midnight.

And I fly off, being energy.

two birds, a robed woman, a purple glow and a pegasus fly in a cellular space

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