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Low-fired clay, 12" tall, 1999, by Chris Wayan

You rarely see landscape sculpture. Well, those 3D maps in ranger museums... that's about it. But statues of mountains and rocks and lakes and trees... they're rare.

A twisted crag shape: ceramic
So this was an experiment in sculpting landscape: a strange crag with a pool in a hollow on its knee; evidently it's tunneled through and inhabited, as it has weird oval maroon windows and several little cave-mouths, but you never see the residents. I think I had in mind the lighthouse model in Tove Jansson's MOOMINPAPPA AT SEA--a compressed microcosm of the island his family has gone to live on, to find themselves again.
twisty, surreal crag sculpture, on black.
But the crag idea, already pretty unrealistic, got more and more abstract and bizarre as it went along, till it really made no sense as landscape or anything else... more like the bones of some undersea coral creature... or the agitator in a washing machine.

Hardly landscape!

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