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Abstract and semi-abstract art... Not all are dream-related--this site began as a personal art gallery, and many of these abstracts date from that initial upload, before the focus tightened on dreams and the site was opened to other dreamers. Still, many pieces are dream-based, like Wires and Yellowball Abstraction; others, like Artshow in a Dream, Spark of the Divine or A Work of Art, show abstract art seen in dreams; pieces like Bed Vortex try to portray abstract processes of dreaming.

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ARTSHOW IN A DREAM: by Wayan; 1983/6/28 & 9/18, twin dreams on modern art's blindspots
Jaundiced dreams of an art show spell out just how deeply I reject the rules behind modern art...
BED VORTEX: by Wayan; 2002/10/24, an abstract Halloween portrait of the hypnogogic state
I sculpted a plaster abstract, then found it wasn't. A vortext of bedsheets, faces, hands, bodies...
A BIG WET KISS TO YOU, TOO: by Wayan, 1999, a dreamlike ceramic.
My abstract sculpture just got fishier and fishier, til it grew these big red lips...
COYOTE INVADES ABSTRACTION: by Wayan; nondream digital painting, 1998.
Coyote invades an abstract painting and reveals why the art biz loves high-concept, impersonal art...
CRYSTAL WAVES: by Wayan; 1990. Digital sketch of music-trance.
How Bach sounded to me after seeing Fantasia...
CUTTLEBONE: by Wayan; 1999, sculpture, 7", plaster/acrylic; a nondream improv.
If you can't tell what it is from the thumbnail, cheer up. It's indescribable full-size, too.
DOCTOR VENTRIL: by Wayan; 1978/9/22, a nightmare where I'm the nightmare.
A doctor lures me into his office. What he turns out to be scares me less than how I defend myself...
THE DOUBT: by Wayan; 2007/2/15, an undream trance-painting
Painting an abstract watercolor, I drifted into trance, and found myself climbing a
thorny slope. Deer in the brush. Great peaks around. Had I gone wrong?
FIGHTING A VIRUS: by Wayan, 1998/11/21, a diagnostic nightmare.
Coming down with a virus, I dream of a guy who INSISTS we must fight, it's just so FUN...
FRACTAL: by Wayan; fractal painting, 1990?
Early Euro and Indian art liked bilateral symmetry; old Japan liked careful asymmetry. I like self-similarity.
GALAXY FLOWER: by Wayan; 1993. digital painting of a (nondream) vision.
My take on what Georgia O'Keeffe claimed she was up to with those giant flowers...
MAMMAL FLOWERS: by Wayan; 1991. Digital painting on recurring dream situation.
Since I dream I'm an animal a lot (or I'm an animal that wakes to find it's human a lot) hands fascinate me...
TRIBUTE TO JOAN MIRO: by Wayan; 1984/2000. Erasable crayon, 14 x 17", nondream
Nearly abstract but not quite. The snake, the quill pen, the secretary bird, and the rose.
THE POWER OF ART: by Wayan; 2016/8/29, a dream-poem about the longtern effect of dreamwork?
At a museum, a weird art project shows me how observing and documenting life
in art can improve that life--just from being taken seriously...
THE RED THING: by Wayan; 1998. Digital portrait of a song.
You're looking down on a landscape at something red, scalloped and twisty. A barrier or a path to follow?
SAX: by Wayan; 300K total, 8 pp, 1991/5/31, a digital comic--a true story.
Alone in my blue room, I heard sax music. Two sunbathers were jamming outside my window...
SPARK OF THE DIVINE: by Carla Young, 2010/2/2; painting of a brief oracular dream
A voice told me, "Human beings have a spark of the divine"...
SQUIGGLE BIRD: by Wayan; 480 x 640, 1997.
Just an abstract birdlike acrylic squiggle I liked. Sorry, no story...
THE STONE THE BUILDER REJECTED: by Wayan; 1998/10/3; plaster sculpture ca. 9" across.
I love curves, not the chunky forms of this machine-ruled world...
TANGUY: by Wayan; 1963-4, childhood surrealist drawing.
No, not a guy with a tan. Yves Tanguy was a sailor who became a Surrealist.
When I was nine or ten, his work inspired me to try my first landscape drawings...
TAROT: CHAOS: by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1978.
The card of big messes, confused beginnings--and fertilization...
TAROT: THE MAZE: by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1978.
When you scheme too hard you can end up "amazed": lost in the maze of alternatives...
TOPOGRAPHY OF EXCESS: by Wayan; 1997. Digital painting on digital painting.
They call it the information highway because we're all supposed to march in formation...
TWISTED!: by Wayan; 2003/6/23, 18 images; a nondream experiment
I twirled pinups into surreal not-quite-abstracts, to see just how twisted sex could get...
UTOPIA: by Wayan; 37 p, 3.9 MB, 2007/5/9, a painted essay on... wishes?
An improvised painting-series exploring my obsession for Utopia--and your deafening silence...
WARRING MOIRES: by Wayan; 1988. Abstract nondream digital picture-poem-thingy
Dodging between all your -isms, I feel like a bird on a battlefield...
WIRES: by Wayan; 1957-1963, a recurrent childhood nightmare resolved by drawing, Dec 1999
I was bodiless but trapped. All I could see were these moving wires. Whenever a knot drifted by...
A WORK OF ART: by Carla Young, early 1970s; dream painting and story
I'm to be beheaded. Guards chant "It's important to enjoy what you're doing."
I know my spilled blood will create a work of art...
YELLOWBALL ABSTRACTION: by Wayan; 2001, ink sketch at first unrecognized as a dream!
Another lie from those fiendish abstractionists. Turns out it's not a yellow ball at all...
ZYGOTE: by Wayan; 104K, 600 x 640, 1999.
It's true: after death, angels advise you where to go next.
But what if you get an over-eager travel agent?

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