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Box of Dreams:
Dad Falls Asleep at the Podium

Dreamed 2008/3/8 by Jenny Badger Sultan

My dad is onstage, behind a podium. He is supposed to speak. But I see him falling asleep. I try to rouse him, but I also fall asleep!

Later I find he has been taken to a bed to rest.

Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'Dad Falls Asleep at the Podium'. Click to enlarge.

Maybe a relaxation of the father archetype (critical faculty?)

--Jenny Badger Sultan


I dunno. I'm not averse to archetypes, but before diving into Jungian depths why not be naïve? The dream may be a simple warning Jenny needs more sleep because she's overworking in a way she learned from her dad. Can't hurt to test it. Sleep in and see if better dreams come. If that's NOT it, the images will recur...

Oh--about the image. Jenny achieves the strange textures seen here by using an old Surrealist technique called decalcomania--applying paint to one surface, slapping it down on another, and peeling it off, leaving complex maze-like textures. You see it in the paintings of Max Ernst.

--Chris Wayan

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