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Dreamed 1987/12/27 by Chris Wayan

I'm an American in eastern Siberia. A Russian woman who's an expert on the local culture (Tungus, I think) says each day of the week here has an astrological meaning--lucky or unlucky. "Watch out for Thursdays" she says. "Thursday is the 'Day Of Tumult'--eruptions, geysers... riots. It's a good idea to wear a watch and run away, when you meet people on Thursday. And if they do chase you, head east if possible, and stop at any imposing rock or monument and look pointedly at your watch, and bluff: "It's Wednesday on THIS side of the International Dateline!" It's hard to keep track of the line, and they might just let you be, since no one wants to riot on Wednesdays."

"Why, what's Wednesday? A bad luck day?"

"Oh, Wednesday is Hangover Day."



Do your emotions take over in ways you later regret? OK--picture it right now! Your emotions are rioting inside--tipping over cars, throwing bottles at you. Now... shift your mental stance to a place where your violent feelings see the consequences. Rage or panic attacks, my dream suggests, can dissolve if you shift to the right time-stance--a sober time that looks at the cost of rioting. You don't have to control your emotions. They can control themselves. And will, if they think it's the right time to do so.

So when your emotions declare it Tumult Day, remember Hangover Day.

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