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Dreamed 2001/8/6 by Larry Vigon

I was at the beach with Bob and Ron. It was a foggy morning, the sun was trying to burn through and we just finishing getting into our swim suits. I looked out at the waves and saw what I thought was smoke. I said 'Look at that, there must be a boat on fire."

Then I saw it was actually a spray of sand and water caused by hundreds of dolphins leaping straight up out of the water and everywhere they jumped up and landed it was like an explosion. As a result of each explosion, hundreds of fish would fly up out of the water. It thought [I thought? It was thought?] this was a way for the dolphins to catch food. There was one dolphin lying on the sand, it seemed to be hurt, and there were people gathering around it.

The atmosphere was eerie. I thought I saw a giant wave about to break close to shore but it turned out to be a trick of the light through the fog.

Dream painting by Larry Vigon.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled. I added title of convenience to aid searches.


I don't think that last bit is gratuitous. After seeing a vast energetic horde of wild creatures, Vigon fears a tsunami; the fear turns out to be illusory. If it were my dream, I'd see the dolphins as dreams themselves; the conscious worries "I'll drown!" Nope.

If Jung had surfed...

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