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Don't Do That, Marion

Dreamed 1947 by Marion

I hadn't been asleep for several nights and this was in the middle of another sleepless night. Due to a series of unhappy events concerning my family and myself, and to my rundown state of health, I just couldn't see any sense in my life or any sense in going on. With my thoughts seething round and round in endless circles, I began to think of ways and means to end it all, when suddenly, as clearly as if she were in the room, I heard the voice of a dear friend say: 'Don't do that, Marion!'

I was so utterly dumbfounded that it jolted me right out of my senseless state of mind. She lived in Florida and I was in New Jersey at the time. She was an older woman who had taken a great liking to me, for I resembled, she thought, her only daughter who had died some time before.

To hear her speak to me in the dead of night when I knew she was over a thousand miles away was quite a disturbing experience. Yet I began to think it was all due to my overwrought nerves, until next day I received an air mail, special delivery letter from her saying she had been wakened in the middle of the night by an urgent sense that I needed help. She said she had arisen and prayed for me until dawn.

Her letter was proof to me that somehow she had been aroused from her sleep by my great need and she had reached me over all those miles to comfort and protect me. It was one of the most beautiful and mysterious experiences I have ever had.

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 26. Dream untitled, name withheld; I added title and byline to aid searching & indexing.

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