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Dramatic Parasites

Dreamed 1995/6/28 by Chris Wayan

I'm biking idly around Palo Alto, California, under the trees, thinking about all the income from writing I expect to start getting soon. I project about $70,000 a year on average, and I figure I can support myself and about ten friends on that--I live cheaply after all, and already have a baseline income from all the savings I invested. I'm cheap. I can afford to support, yes, about ten. Make a list...

Funny, all those on my list are Psychodrama actors, old friends I haven't seen much in recent years. Nor have I missed them much. Not old friends: EX-friends!

Slowly I start thinking "Why would I want to support these people I hardly know any more? They already feel like drama queens, most of them... free money will just make that worse."

I don't enjoy them any more. I want to dump them all! But can I? I'm such a soft touch for money... and they're such good actors. They can always manufacture a crisis...

Maybe I'm better off staying poor.


I wonder how many other apparent failures and slackers are neither lazy nor afraid of success... just afraid of what they'll feel compelled to do with real money. If you KNOW you'll hand it to the first leech with a sad story...

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