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The Dream of the Arcs

dreamed July 5, l994 and painted soon after; acrylic on unstretched canvas, by Jenny Badger Sultan

Acrylic painting, 'The Dream of the Arcs', by Jenny Badger Sultan. A nun-like woman is explaining to me different arcs.
  • There is the arc of the halo, that is good power.
  • There is an arc of the headdress that is also good power.
  • But there is another arc in the headdress, internal, which is negative.
    It can be used to become invisible and to do things in a hidden way.
I am evidently going to paint a small icon explaining this situation on a small piece of unstretched canvas.

I am having trouble lining up the canvas on a piece of board which is on an easel.

This will be a personal painting, for my own knowledge and use.

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