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The Education of a Dream

Dreamed 1998/7/7 by Chris Wayan

Face of a young dream who enters the waking world. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm watching a TV movie with others. I feel like I have to make fun of it, because William Shatner's in it and he's such a ham. Or was, in the old Star Trek series. Actually, here, I have to admit he's reasonable. It's not a Star Trek show, though there are fantasy elements. Magic realism, I'd say, Isabel Allende style.

The main character looks like a nature spirit--a bit ethereal and shapeshifty. No wonder: she's a DREAM! A dream who's young and inexperienced about the mortal world; it's her coming-of-age story.

Only... her guide to reality is William Shatner! Such a lucky girl.

The whole story parodies Jung, reverses his perspective. The young dream finds us waking entities confusing, bizarre and numinous. She acquires a mortal animus, who's very unlike her, to guide her through the counter-intuitive realms of materiality, logic, and business. She struggles to individuate, to find sides of her more like us, so she can handle our bizarre, senseless world... but a world that crazy won't turn navigable overday.

I mean, Rome wasn't built in a night.


ACTION: email this dream to Jung. Oh, wait, he's dead.

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