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1992/8/13; nondream digital poster by Chris Wayan.

I was in a dance class full of hot women. I felt shy. Finally I befriended one intimidatingly beautiful classmate and she turned out to be a fashion model into NOTHING but looks and clothes. I was so disappointed. I had feminist notions that every beauty hides a brain and every ugly hides... a brain?

Though I wondered later--was she really shallow, or PLAYING dumb cuz she thought I expected it? After all, I'm a guy, and we all know how dumb they are.

Anyway, I started painting with a mouse on screen--a very early digital paint program--and this sardonic little poster popped out.

A fashion poster with a foreground model commenting on how you can tame your own pet penis--'just pat him on the head and tell him he's so cute he don't need to be talented, and he'll just adore ya. And...I'm not so sure I'm being sarcastic!'
The title is what happened when I tried to write "fashion": "fascism" unconsciously crept in.

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