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1999/5/12, by Chris Wayan

I like this because the model looks so cynical. Really, she wasn't: she was queasy. She'd had a headache and took six or seven Advils. She felt very strange and thought she better not stand up...

Then a fire broke out on the pier next door and the sirens started and the smoke curled in and I drew this.

Redhead slouches in a chair in painting class; a diamond-shaped painting.
The composition is a diamond because I hate squares and rectangles and I've been forced to photograph in rectangular format--though lenses are round, digital cameras don't have a film-strip inside, so why do they still take rectangular pictures? Round or oval would make more sense--and it's how I increasingly paint too.

But all I had to paint on that day was the back of an LP record cover, 12" square. To avoid the orthogonality, and accentuate the slouch (Accentuate The Slouch, wasn't that a World War II song?) I tilted it to a diamond shape. I think I'll do more diamonds--for many subjects it frames things better--and has more energy than tired old squares... Try it, you'll see.

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